Petrified Wood Harness Buckles, Multiple Sizes

The Petrified Wood Harness Buckles, Multiple Sizes by Lee Downey are all Sterling silver single harness belt buckles that are simple, yet statement pieces. A hand carved piece of the petrified wood has been inlaid at the top of these unique pieces and then the whole buckle is given a polished look. Every piece that Lee Downey creates is meticulously made by hand in his home in Bali, Indonesia and brought here to share with the world.

  • Buckle A fits 1.5" belts
  • Buckle B fits 1.25" belts
  • Buckle C fits 1.5" belts
  • Buckle D fits 1.5" belts
  • Buckle E fits 1.5" belts
  • Buckle F fits 1.25" belts
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