Sergey's Letter Opener, Glass Grapes & Lampwork

$ 2,600

The one of a kind, Sergey's Letter Opener With Glass Grapes & Lampwork is a stunning Sterling silver and glass piece that was created with no time limit in sight. Starting with a Sterling silver base and top hat that unscrew for cleaning, each piece has been hand forged. The main centerpiece of this letter opener is a hand blown glass ornate "Lamp" with hand formed grape vines all across it. Within the lap there are beautiful burgundy's and gold flecks that dance around the grapes as the light flashes across them. 

The hallmarks – and the fun – of a Featherstone creation are found in the wearer’s ability to choose whether a jewel is worn alone, in combination with other pieces, or with a multitude of interchangeable enhancements.

This versatility permits the wearer at every moment to  “live her jewelry.”

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