Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you make custom pieces? YES! We LOVE to make custom pieces. If you would like to make a completely custom piece we would love to help you do that. Please email Quinn at quinn@comstockheritage.com to inquire about pricing and timelines. 
  • Do you repair Comstock pieces? Yes. If they are stamped Comstock Heritage or Comstock Silversmith, we typically can do those just fine. Please email us at info@comstockheritage.com with photos and an explanation of the issues or repairs needed/wanted. This includes polishing them up for you :) 
  • Do you repair NON Comstock pieces? This is a case by case basis. If we are not confident in the repair process due to materials or state of the piece, we will decline. Please email us at info@comstockheritage.com with photos and an explanation of the issues or repairs needed/wanted so we can assess from there.
  • Can I use a Comstock Heritage discount at retailers that carry Comstock pieces? No, any discount or discount codes obtained through Comstock Heritage are to be used with us ONLY. We can not speak for our retailers and their discounts on pieces that they own.


  •  I placed my order a week ago, but still don't have it. Where is it? Each Comstock Heritage piece is hand crafted and most are made to order. We do our very best to get every order out as soon as possible, but sometimes delays come up. We are a family run business and are closed Saturdays, Sundays, and most Mondays as well as major holidays. If you are in need of a rush, please let us know when ordering so we can accommodate your timeline. 775-882-8500


  • My belt that I ordered doesn't fit, can I exchange it? Absolutely! We would hate for you not to be able to wear your purchase! We ask that you pay the return shipping, then we will exchange it once for free. After that 2nd shipment from us, we will have to ask that you pay shipping both ways. HOWEVER, If your belt has a custom inscription, initials, or anything else custom, it would be a case by case basis.


  • When will my belt arrive? Belts not in inventory can take anywhere from 1-8 weeks to come in... If this is going to happen to you, we will contact you to see if that is alright or if you want to exchange for a different belt in stock


  • How do I clean my Comstock Heritage pieces? You may use jewelry polishing cloths but please refrain from using harsh chemicals. It is natural over time for your metal pieces to tarnish and change color. If you would like to have them polished, you may send them back to us at 9475 Double R Blvd, Suite 4, Reno NV 89521 with $15 for return shipping and we will polish it for you. Please put your name, address, and contact number in the package when doing this so we may contact you if we have any questions before we proceed.


  • What materials are used at Comstock Heritage? We generally only use Sterling silver, 14k and 18k golds, and Platinum. Our pieces have stamps on the back with our name, as well as materials used in your piece. We do not work with brass, bronze, nickel, German Silver, or Comstock Silver anymore. 


  • I have a piece stamped Comstock Silversmiths, is that you? Yes, it was our family before James Christian branched off from working with his late father, Howard Stegman.


  • What is the current value of my Comstock piece? If you have previously purchased a Comstock Heritage or Comstock Silversmiths piece we recommend checking websites like eBay or Etsy to see what the current value of your piece is. Collectors will most likely pay more than the scrap metal value which can be looked up online through metal market websites. 


  • What is German Silver? German silver is an alloy composed of nickel, copper, and zinc. It contains no silver and has a value of approximately .50 cents per ounce.


  •  What is the value of my vintage piece? We like say "the piece is worth whatever someone will purchase it for" because the materials that were used by Comstock Silversmiths are typically bronze and German silver (a nickel alloy) do not have the same value as the materials we use today. We typically recommend checking places like eBay and Etsy.


  •  What is Comstock Silver? Comstock Silver is a German Silver (nickel) buckle that has a Sterling silver face. The buckle itself is created from nickel, but the front of it is Sterling silver and will look slightly different. 


  • Do you buy back pieces? We do not purchase back anything back. We also do not purchase gold, silver, stones, or leather goods from anyone but our current suppliers.


  •  Do you produce everything in Reno, NV? Everything stamped Comstock Heritage is made in our shop in Reno, Nevada. 


    •  Do you make the belt buckles for Western States? Yes, we create the award buckles for the Western States Endurance Run (WSER) as well as the Western States Trail Ride (WSTRA) also known as the Tevis Cup. To read more about this please visit our WSER/WSTRA FAQ