James Christian - Pushing The Rock

Original Price: $32,000

The “Pushing the Rock" buckle represents a realization that sometimes it seems everything is needed to make permanent and lasting change.  Whether business or marriage or children, or even Covid19, one needs to address the same task persistently to get the desired outcome, there's no letting up. Conceptually, the diamonds getting better in quality and gradually smaller indicates hope and reward, the task does get easier, the reward better.  The interrupted border on the upper left is a sign that there is a way out, a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Finally, the semicolon is a nod to Project Semicolon, something my daughter had shared with me. As a whole, society struggles with the issues of depression, addiction, self-harm, and suicide. Project Semicolon is a movement that was created in order to support those who are fighting those wars, in order to show that they are not alone in their fight and their fight. The semicolon represents a moment when an individual could have chosen to end their story; but they chose to continue. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this buckle, as well as every other James Christian piece, is donated to mental health awareness.

This hand crafted sterling silver buckle has an 18k round wire edge, interrupted by hope. The top half of the buckle is textured silver, the bottom half is textured 18k gold, as a representation of the “half full” motto of James Christian. The running wire is round platinum, adorned with a diamond progression starting with an unfinished precious stone and ending in two white polished diamonds. At the very bottom there is the classic signature of a JC piece, a solid gold Jester.  

*The original buckle has been SOLD, however, if you would like one to tell your own story please let us create you one. Pieces of the Pushing The Rock Collection by James Christian can be commissioned per person*

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$ 32,000.00
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$ 32,000.00
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