Comstock Heitage

From A Sheet Of Silver To A Work Of Art

Silver! One of the worlds most beautiful metals. A precious commodity that has always been valuable as an item for trade. The history of America is full of towns that grew and died as a result of the silver fever. Silver is just as valuable today. A table set with sterling silver turns the most ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience. Silver jewelry has adorned our bodies for centuries and is still being created in the most beautiful and unusual shapes. And what sight is more breathtaking than that of a horse wearing a beautiful array of silver conchas, ear plates, corner plates, bridle buckles, halter plates, name plate and horn cap. This is one of the sheer joys of a parade , a sparkling, glittering silver covered horse and rider. The rider might also have silver conchas on his shirt and chaps, a silver band on his hat, and silver trim on his gloves. But whether his outfit is very fancy or rather simple, he will wear, almost without exception, a silver buckle. And, often, that silver buckle will have been created by expert craftsmen of Comstock Heritage, America’s oldest western silversmiths.

Craftsmen Are Made --- Not Born

What does it take to become an outstanding designer and craftsman of silver buckles? For a company like Comstock it takes years of experience and knowledge. The president of Comstock Heritage, James Stegman, started as an apprentice silversmith at the age of 12. He worked his way up the ladder, learning every phase of the business, working in every department. From the beginning, he learned each process necessary to create a work of art.

Hand-Made From The Beginning

Every item manufactured by Comstock begins as a sheet of sterling silver and a sheet of 14k or 18k gold. The size and shape of the buckle to be created is cut from this sheet of silver, and the background is chosen. The ribbons, figures and rope edges are all applied by hand soldering. The amount of hand engraving depends on the style and design of the buckle, but you can be assured that it is all done by hand. All items are polished not once but several times.

Wearing A Work Of Art

Yes, a Comstock Buckle begins as a sheet of silver and gold and ends up as a work of art because each buckle is made by hand. No two of them are ever exactly alike. Some buckles are similar in design and shape, but because of the hand engraving necessary to complete each one every Comstock buckle becomes a unique original.

Creating Designs

In addition to the rodeo buckles, the everyday buckles, the saddlery and jewelry, Comstock is also known for it’s unique and creative designs. Creating a buckle for that special customer is one of the things we do best. Through the years, Comstock buckles have been used as special awards, trophies, gifts and to decorate country music and movie stars both on and off the set. Our buckle sets have been shown and seen in countless publications such as Cowboys and Indians, Robb Report, G.Q. and Esquire. To own a Comstock creation in silver, is to own a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Silver, Gold, and Comstock

However you wear it, in whatever way you use it, silver will always remain one of your best investments. And a silver creation from Comstock Heritage is one of the best ways to own it.