Materials we use at Comstock Heritage

Comstock prides itself of using only the finest of solid precious metals and precious/semi precious stones in all of our Comstock Heritage and James Christian products.

We know where all of our materials come from, our buckles and accessories are comprised of Sterling Silver (.925), solid 14K or 18K yellow/green/ rose/white gold or platinum,  that we purchase from our supplier in the United States.

We at Comstock, and our suppliers, practice and support Harmony Metals and Gems, using environmentally friendly refining and ethical Gems. 

We don't use any plating, gold or otherwise. We won't make any of our pieces with copper, brass or gold fill (unless otherwise specified). And we will never make a Comstock Heritage or James Christian piece out of German Silver, Nickel or other pot metals. Our vintage pieces are mostly created of German Silver and bronze, and for more information on that, please visit our FAQ page HERE