Our Heritage


SINCE 1886
Every piece of jewelry we make at Comstock Heritage is completely handcrafted from start to finish at our studio in Reno Nevada. Our team has worked together for decades and using only the finest stones & materials, even down to our luxury packaging. We've been family owned and operated for 135 years and 4th generation owner James Stegman isn't just the owner, James is a master Silversmith and makes every piece that bares our mark.
We have 4 employees -James Christian master craftsman, designer, and silversmith - his wife Donna Stegman head of all public relations, marketing, branding and advertising - And their oldest daughter Quinn Stegman is E-commerce manager handling our website, photography, email marketing and office manager. Lastly we have James' right hand man and talented master engraver Jon, who despite not being blood related has grown into a part of the family after working here for 25+ years. Most of the machinery including our dies at Comstock Heritage is from the late 1800's and every piece of art that leaves has been completely hand made.