James Christian - One Moment

$ 19,500

Part of the James Christian Collection, ”One Moment” features 18k yellow gold characters, jester motifs, and bezels for its two blue and two yellow diamonds. A harlequin-pattern 14k gold border surrounds the darkened and layer-engraved sterling silver face, adding dimensions of depth, movement, and texture to buttress the design’s aesthetic diversity and set off the smooth, bold centerpiece. The Japanese characters ichi-go, ichi-e translate to “one time, one meeting”, a folk idiom referring to the once-in-a-lifetime nature of a moment, especially a social gathering, which can be replicated but never repeated exactly. Appreciation for this “one moment” is shown by mindful presence and sincere participation—a notion resonant with the way James Stegman approaches each one-of-a-kind piece in the James Christian Collection. Handmade to fit all 1.5 inch belt straps.

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