James Christian - The Calm

$ 42,000

“The Summer of 2019 has been serene and calm for me, all things seem to be in their rightful place and this calm is reflected in the smooth 18k yellow gold of the center shield. The gold triangle in the center is actually made up of two mathematical greater than symbols indicating that, for now, the calm is greater than the swirling chaos on the outside. The surrounding area is made of primarily non-uniform shapes and colors, with a few calibrated gems mixed in, the unpredictable.  Although calm is a state of mind, one should be aware of the times it occurs, which is rare and wonderful.” 

Fits all belt straps up to 1 5/8"

Materials: Platinum, 14k and 18k yellow, rose, and green gold.  White, blue, and yellow faceted diamonds, blue and yellow rough cut diamonds, sterling silver.


*This original buckle is still AVAILABLE here at Comstock Heritage*

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