James Christian - The Seesaw

The James Christian “Seesaw” is a Sterling silver buckle embellished with an 18K Yellow Gold flat wire edge, 18K Spring Green Gold on the bottom, Antiqued silver on top with a stippled background and featured in the center are two 18K Yellow Gold JC jesters on a platinum seesaw with a yellow diamond on one side and a blue diamond on the other that are set in 18K yellow gold. Then for the apex of the seesaw we have half carat fine trillion diamond also set in 18K yellow gold. This piece is entirely hand made by the collection’s creator, James Christian.

The James Christian piece known as “The Seesaw” is described by James as a metaphor for life with its ups and downs through time. Whether its things such as family or business, you are always moving from one side of the Seesaw to the other as you’re often teetering between the highs and lows that naturally occur. The openings at the top and the bottom are to show that there are limitless highs and lows that you can reach through hard work or hardship.

*This buckle is SOLD, we have it on display as part of the James Christian Collection only. Original Price: $36,000*

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Belt Width: 1.5"

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