James Christian - Arbitrary Boundaries

Original Price: $39,000

Making this piece in August, 2021 was to reflect on the time right when everyone didn't really know what to do in the middle of the global pandemic. From the President of the United States, to the CDC, to your neighbor... Everyone had their own opinions, theories, research, and still, no one really knew WHAT the "standard" boundaries were supposed to be, but everyone had their own. This piece is to show that even in chaos, there is beauty. A large "Patterson" shape buckle is the base for an 18k green gold border that holds in the chaos the best it can. Pieces of 14k and 18k tri colored golds, multiple colors of Montana sapphires, chocolate diamonds, cognac diamonds, and a large piece of a .5ct white diamond are trying to break free and spilling onto the border boundary. These type of scrap buckles take many months, if not years to create from bits and pieces of projects otherwise completed, leaving scraps left behind to become something on their own. So let me ask you, what are your Arbitrary Boundaries?

Fits all belt straps up to 1 5/8"

Measures approximately 3 3/8" x 2 1/4"

Materials: Platinum Jester, 14k and 18k yellow, rose, and green gold.  Multi colored sapphires, .5ct white diamond, cognac diamond, chocolate diamond

 *This original buckle is exclusively AVAILABLE here at Comstock Heritage* 

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