Comstock Heritage, Inc.

James Christian - Obstacles

$ 27,500

The James Christian “Obstacles” is a Sterling silver buckle embellished with multi colored 14k and 18k gold as well as platinum. This piece also features blue, white, and cognac diamonds and a yellow sapphire. This piece is entirely hand made by the collection’s creator, James Christian.

The James Christian piece known as “Obstacles” is described by James as "I originally wanted to make the buckle showing the obstacles we encounter in life. The seven deadly sins was also an idea, but didn't resonate with me. The buckle has symbols for mental health, suicide, luck, gluttony, death, money, cancer, opium, nicotine, alcohol, and sexuality. When it came to the background, I knew I didn't want it plain, and I wanted a way to add more meaning. The lines in the background are the lines in my hand. Head, health, life, heart, and fate are represented in rose, green, and yellow gold. The other lines are engraved by hand."

Obstacles has SOLD and is displayed for viewing and inspiration. If you are inspired and would like to create your own one of a kind item please don't hesitate to call us at 775.882.8500. We look forward to speaking with you.

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